My photography ocupation began by doing tourist catalogues and achitectural pictures. Since the initiation of private T.V. stations in Germany, my services in the showbiz increased, generally and especially to do with faces and characters which I still am engaged in very successfully.

By occupying myself in this field, my experience grew enourmously throuch which I also archived uncountless photographs. Shown on the following page is a small choice of pictures on different themes from my archive

You may have a broader information on more and about the latest if you click on my data bank

Enrique Iglesias
My archives grows from day to day due to the various fields that photography covers; ie: Show and People, Tourist Journalism etc.
The archive is of course not all: I naturally do this privately as well as commercially according to your specifications. Your wish to suit your exact purpose.
Please do not hestitate to give me a call or an E- mail to
– I would be glad to discuss your wish.
Zulus in Southafrica
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